Who is the storyteller

I imagine the typical writer to be an impeccably well-dressed man or woman sporting the purposefully clumsy look which inadvertently makes them look all the more put together. His hair messily hangs around his ears and he wears a mean five o’clock shadow. He sports an obscurely patterned shirt and jeans that are too tight for any other person but him. She has a messy bun placed perfectly on top of her head. She wears a large knit sweater, and horn rimmed glasses balanced at the edge of her freckled nose. He slowly sips on an espresso. She cradles a mug of herbal tea. He sits in the corner of the shop, working to the sound of coffee grinding. She muffles the noise with vibrantly colored headphones. He types fast and furiously, eager to relay each word before it slips between his fingertips. She stares blankly in the distance, and scribbles when hit with a brilliant thought. These are the images that come to mind when I think of “writer.” Mysterious figures of our local coffee shops who are inspired and inspire us.

I am a writer. But I am not even close to this kind of writer.

I am the typical writer in the sense that I am expertly caffeinated and love to write. But other than that, I am a creature of my own creation. My workspace is crisscrossed legs on on the ground amongst the sea of clean and dirty clothing that never got folded or put away, for efficiency purposes of course. There is a perfectly capable desk only inches away, but why would I ever sit there when I can pile mounds of books and papers on it instead. I’m wearing whatever is most disturbingly grungy, hanging precariously off my body and hiding any indication of whether I’m a boy or a girl, or perhaps even human at all.  I’m listening to EDM or Rachmaninoff and nothing in between.  I’m half typing, half handwriting, half day dreaming about what to eat.

The point is, writers come in all shapes and sizes. I am an extroverted introvert. A foodie with no cooking abilities. A cat person with no cat. I can be full of contradictions but also hopefully a wonderful source of wisdom.