Who is the writer

Michele Popadich graduated from University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana in May 2016 with degrees in Marketing and International Business and a minor in English. She is currently a project manager at a tech company in Chicago. She is a voracious reader. She is a marathon runner. She completed the 50,000 word writing challenge in November 2017. She co-created Unsweetened, an anthology of her creative work and that of her peers. She self-published Uncharted, a book of poetry and photography after coming back from a road trip in Iceland. She has been published in Driftless, a Midwestern inspired biannual magazine. She created and maintains an Instagram account, Petit Poetry, which combines the visual and lyrical into a miniature poetic experience.

She is an extroverted introvert. A foodie with no cooking abilities. A cat person with no cat (update, I just got a cat). She can be full of contradictions but hopefully a wonderful source of wisdom.