Unsweetened is a lyrical collection that celebrates the natural flavor of life. The work is stripped of artificial sweeteners, added preservatives, and trans fats. In other words, it is an honest look into the natural turbulence of life - both the good and the bad, the mundane and the miraculous - giving meaning to the events which define us individually and the moments which bring us together. Unsweetened is a space for collaborators and readers alike to honor our most authentic selves. It was created over the course of several months and several cups of coffee, on Sundays in cafes across Chicago.

Volume I

This volume is dedicated to embracing the times in which we are at a loss of self. Through collective effort, we explore how to recognize the temporality of the feeling and rather allow the pain of standing still to define the ways in which we initiate momentum to keep going.

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You can buy a copy here. If you are interested in contributing to future publications or want to learn more about Unsweetened, contact me at micdich@gmail.com