As the Content Intern at HLK, I was responsible for creating a social media campaign that was not only cohesive with our team’s overall plan, but also in line with our clients objectives.


For our first project, we worked with Pixel Press to help launch their new product Bloxels. Bloxels is an innovative gaming technology that combines the physical and digital gaming world, creating a brand new experience for children. Because of how unique the product is, we were presented with an interesting challenge in which we not only had to generate excitement about the product, but also accurately inform customers of what it is. We decided the best way to achieve is by advertising directly to parents, specifically young tech-savy dads.  .


The campaign was both fun and challenging because we had excite and inform an audience of tech dads and their kids. We decided the most affective way to achieve this balance was by appealing to a dad's nostalgia for the games he once played. Our campaign was designed to entice fathers to reconnect with their inner nerd, giving them a gaming experience that they can share with their kids. 



I focused on developing social media content that would encourage a collaborative atmosphere for fathers and their kids to engage in this unique gaming experience together. My social media plan revolved around our main guiding concept of Building your own escape. Young tech dads were once children immersed into their video games and board games. We wanted to not only celebrate these memories but actually expand upon the idea by focusing on the fact that their kids can now create these worlds they escape into. Their games are fueled by their own imagination.  I decided to utilize a combination of Facebook and Twitter, to most effectively reach the target audience. I suggested using the hashtag #bloxelbybloxel, to play with the more classic phrase “brick by brick.” I also suggested creating a contest in which players would have to design their most creative level and post it to the Bloxels Facebook page with the hopes of winning “Level of the Week.” The goal was to create an environment in which both fathers and their kids would be excited to play and engage in the game together. 


We worked with the hospital SCL Health for our second project, in which we presented a campaign to foster community among patients and doctors. Our campaign promoted a stronger social presence without abandoning their already established brand of People Healing People. We not only created a company wide campaign, but also one specific to Women’s Health.


Advertising in healthcare proved to be a bit more challenging since there are more constrictions. For Women’s Health, our driving idea was to focus on women as caregivers, whether that is as a mother, wife, sister, or daughter. With so many responsibilities, caregivers tend to put their own needs last. Our campaign aimed at reminding women in caregiving positions that in order to continue to care for their loved ones, they must first take care of themselves.


I decided that Instagram would be an effective social media platform to utilize. I recommended that SCL Health creates an Instagram page called My Top Priority which would encourage these women to post pictures of their loved ones - those whose needs they put before their own. The goal of this account would be to create a community of women who all share this common need to give selflessly and endlessly. It would not only drive traffic to the company website, but would also foster a dynamic and supportive relationship between patients of the hospital.

facebooktemplate_scl_01 2.jpg


The second part of the campaign was aimed at facilitating a relationship between SCL Health associates and their patients.  Our driving idea was to focus on associates as more than just doctors and nurses, but as people that you can trust. I decided that a unique way to communicate this message would be through Pinterest. For SCL Health, each board on their Pinterest page would be representative of a doctor who could pin things according to their field of work and medical expertise. It creates a more accessible relationship between a patient and doctor and provides patients with the opportunity to learn more about the associates in a new way.