Who is the writer

Michele Popadich is a storyteller - in the traditional sense (she writes personal essays and participates in storytelling events around Chicago), while also using these skills to draft engaging content for websites, grant proposals, and cover letters, among other things.

Michele Popadich graduated from University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana in May 2016 with degrees in Marketing and International Business and a minor in English. She works as a project manager in healthcare and tech. She is also working on her MFA in Creative Nonfiction at Northwestern University.

She is a voracious reader. She is a marathon runner. She completed the 50,000 word writing challenge in November 2017. She co-created Unsweetened, an anthology of her creative work and that of her peers. She self-published Uncharted, a book of poetry and photography after coming back from a road trip in Iceland. She has been published in Driftless, a Midwestern inspired biannual magazine. She created and maintains an Instagram account, Petit Poetry, which combines the visual and lyrical into a miniature poetic experience.

She is an extroverted introvert. A foodie with no cooking abilities. A cat person with no cat (update, she just got a cat!). She can be full of contradictions but hopefully a wonderful source of wisdom.